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Top Up MYeCASH via Bank Islam Internet Banking: Terms & Conditions

This service is brought to you by Mobile E-Transaction Sdn. Bhd. (710152-K) affiliated on the Bank Islam Internet Banking website and provided to you subject to the Terms and Conditions contained herein. You acknowledge that you have read and fully understood all the Terms and Conditions of Internet Banking Services of Internet Banking Services on Bank Islam Internet Banking. By accessing any page of Bank Islam Internet Banking website and/or using the services of Mobile E-Transaction Sdn. Bhd. (710152-K) affiliated on Bank Islam Internet Banking, you agree to be bound by these terms and condition without limitation or qualification. Your use of the Service, upon activation, constitutes unconditional acceptance to be bound by all these Terms and Conditions and/or additions, variations or amendments made hereto.

If you choose not to accept these term and conditions, please immediately discontinue your access to this website and/or use the services.


“Account” means your savings, current, credit card, loan, investment, fixed deposit or any other account with the Bank and which may be accessed via the Internet Banking Services.

" BANK" means Bank Islam , a company incorporated in Malaysia having its registered office at 16 th Floor, Darul Takaful, Jalan Sultan Ismail , 50250 Kuala Lumpur and includes its subsidiaries and its successors in title and assigns, and where applicable, any of them.

“Internet Banking Services” means the Banking Services and any other products and services, which you may access through the Internet, upon the correct input of your Username and Password

“Members” refers to persons registered under MYeCASH;

“Service(s)” shall mean the Top up MYeCASH service provided through the Bank Islam Internet Banking

“MET” means the Company, Mobile E-Transaction Sdn. Bhd.;

“MYeCASH” means My Electronic Cash;

“MYeCASH Statement” shall mean the MYeCASH Transaction Statement;

“Password” means a unique string of characters chosen by you and known only to you and recorded in the Bank’s computer system, which must be keyed in by you for authentication of your Username and grant of access to the Internet Banking Services.

“PIN” means the Personal Identification Number selected by a Customer who is an Account holder for the first time logon to the Internet Banking Services.

"Terms and Conditions" means these terms and conditions and the terms of services, as may be varied or modified from time to time at The Company’s sole discretion;

“Username” means a unique name made up of a string of characters chosen by you which must be keyed in by you in order for the Internet Banking Services system to associate the Username with your user profile and Account(s)

"Transaction Authorization Code"(TAC) is a security feature that has been implemented to provide second layer of protection for online banking transactions, in addition to your Bank Islam Internet Banking login Username and Password. It is a unique, 6 digit code that needs to be entered for specific online transactions.

1. In the event that the Bank Islam Internet Banking service is not accessible for whatever reasons, the Member agrees to use alternative means to top up as shall be desired by the Member at the material time.

2. The Member hereby agrees and undertakes to pay 1 MYeCASH as transaction charges which MET imposes in connection with this Service and shall be debited from the MYeCASH Account without prior notice.

3. The Member will receive their top up on the next day (after 3 pm) from the transaction’s date except on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

4. You shall use all precautions to prevent the loss, theft and/or unauthorized use of the Top-up Code. In the event of loss, theft and/or unauthorized use of the Top-up Code, you shall immediately notify MET at 1300-888-939 or Bank Islam Group Customer Care at 03-3616 8000

5. The Member must also:

i. cease to utilize the Services or any part thereof for such period as may be required by MET.

ii. ensure that the Service is used solely to top up his/her MYeCASH Statement.

iii. not use the Service to cause embarrassment, distress, annoyance, irritation or nuisance to any person.

iv. at all times keep the MYeCASH personal identification number (PIN) of confidential and not release the PIN to any person.